Smol Squad Saturday – Coloring!

It’s time for another Smol Squad post! These prompts are meant to help cultivate a community of Littles by asking you to participate in a specific Littlespace activity this week!

Last week I asked you to paint your nails and share a picture of them with me! I did my toenails a dark teal with pretty pink sparkles. I still smile when I look down and see my pretty toes! These are the responses shared with me:

This week is a Littlespace classic: coloring! There’s a coloring book for everyone out there. Whether you like more complex designs or pages or something more simple, whether you like princesses or dinosaurs – you can find a coloring book that’s just perfect for you! This week, I want you to color anything your heart desires!

I chose:

To share your coloring page with me and to be featured in next Saturday’s Smol Squad post, be sure to email a picture to

SmolSquad Saturday – Nail Painting

Saturday’s are SmolSquad day – when I ask the community to participate with me in a fun Little Space activity or topic. This week, it’s nail painting!

I love nail painting. I’m terrible at it because my left hand is less a functional appendage and more a shaky mass of bits hodge-podged together when it comes to anything artistic, but I still enjoy doing it. It also often makes me feel really little because my nails are usually kept very short, so sweeping adult manicures just aren’t a thing I do.

Don’t think this activity is only for little girls! Little boys and enbys can participate as well! Nail polish comes in all the colors you can imagine! You could do dinosaur nails or superhero nails! You also don’t have to paint your fingernails – you could paint your toenails instead! Then if you don’t want other people to see, just slip your tootsies into some socks and BLAM!

I picked up a really neat color and some cute sparkles to put overtop. What do you think?

To share your pretty (or awesome) nails with me and to have them featured on next week’s SmolSquad post, email pictures to!