Fri-YAY! Holiday Wrap-up

It’s another Fri-YAY here on Little Spaces! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and continues to enjoy the end-of-the-year festivities as they are now winding down.

I had a lovely holiday! I got some really awesome gifts, including a series of young-adult books about a girl who pretends to be a boy so she can learn to be a knight. Santa even brought me SAILOR MERCURY’S WAND! It lights up and makes shimmer sounds. I love it.

Did you know Aquaman is my favorite superhero? He is! I have a major soft-spot for underdogs. And with the new movie featuring him out, I was excited to see a new figure of Aquaman for the reasonable price of $45 coming out January 9th! He’s so HANDSOME!


And if you’re into the Exploding Kittens card game at all, be excited! There’s two new releases for the game: one that expands your ability to play with up to TEN players, and a new add-on called “Streaking Kittens.”


I’ve also been really enjoying listening to music by Poppy lately! I’ve included one of my favorites of hers that makes me feel nice and small. (Be careful, though, not all of her music is appropriate for Littlespace!)

I almost forgot the WORD OF THE WEEK!
ef·fer·ves·cent | efərˈves(ə)nt
(adj) Giving off bubbles; fizzy
When I get into littlespace, sometimes I talk so much I’m practically effervescent!

Have a great weekend! Remember, this is your last chance to get your Winter Holiday Coloring Pages submitted for this week’s community activity!

What “Little” Means to Me

With the blog in its very early stages at this point, I figure now is a good time to talk about what being “little” means to me.

Littles, Littlespace, Age Regression, CG/l… there’s a lot of terms and words out there to try to wrap your head around if you’re just coming into this world or self identification. And all that terminology can be pretty intimidating! And what definitions you find might just confuse you.

So, let me try to get through what being “Little” means to me.

Being Little represents my best self. Being Little is just a way I describe who I am basically all the time, but it’s also a way to describe my most ideal self. It’s an open, trusting way of looking at the world through a lens of wonder, innocence, and true appreciation for things that may otherwise read as insignificant.

Being Little means I enjoy things not typically seen as “adult.” But this isn’t as deviant as it might at first seem. Many adults collect toys or other kid things. Tons of adults read young adult fiction or enjoy tv shows meant for children. Adults make up the majority of video game consumers.

Being Little is an embracing of that. It means I adore my plushies, and I delight in watching cartoons and eating sugary cereals. It means I utilize comfort and self care tactics that work for me, even if they “should have been left in my childhood.”

Being Little is my best me. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Beating the Holiday Blues

Sunday here on Little Spaces are all about self care! And with the holidays upon us, I want to focus on what to do if you’re not in the festive spirit.

1. Know that it’s OKAY! There’s lots of reasons you could be feeling down during the holidays. You’re not broken or wrong for how you feel. That’s the most important thing to remember!

2. Get enough sleep! I know it’s hard, but try to take a nap. Get your favorite blankie and stuffie and take a little snooze. Getting enough rest helps keep you charged up. Speaking of staying charged up:

3. Eat something healthy. Nobody can survive on candy canes alone! I know you maybe don’t want to eat a vegetable, but maybe a piece of fresh fruit sounds okay!

4. Drink water. Juice may sound tastier, and you might even be tempted to try soda or booze – but water will really help perk you up. You’re a beautiful flower and you need healthy clean water to drink!

5. Move around. You don’t have to go on a five mile run, but getting up and stretching a little will help get your blood moving and your face smiling. Stretch up to the sky – can you touch a star? Reach for the ground! Take a quick walk outside if the weather’s not too bad. Snow is so pretty!

6. Do something you enjoy. You maybe don’t feel like doing anything super little. That’s okay. Try coloring or maybe watching a nice tv show. Nature documentaries can be really good! Just try for ten minutes.

7. Say “no” if you need to. You don’t have to do everything and see everybody. It’s okay to just be home alone for a bit and relax. Saying no for your own well-being is the right thing to do!

First Fri-YAY!

In the first “real blog post” for the blog – we’re starting off with the Friday feature: “Fri-YAY!” These posts intend to be a mishmash of cute or fun things I’ve found over the course of the week. It’ll end with the Word of the Week – ‘cuz words are fun and awesome and I want my fellow Littles to learn!

The holiday season is upon us! And I remembered a really cute commercial about cats and Christmas trees from last year. Time for a re-watch!

Today’s Fri-YAY is EXTRA yay for me. It’s payday, which means I can finish getting holiday presents purchased! I swear I don’t mean to procrastinate this much.

pif·​fle | ˈpi-fəl
(noun) Trivial nonsense; silliness
“Launching rolled-up balls of wrapping paper at Senpai is my favorite sort of holiday piffle.”