Fri-YAY 1-18-19

Time for another Fri-YAY post! These posts are just my sort of mish-mash catch-all posts for the end of the workweek. ‘Cuz everyone needs a little fun.

It was a pretty up and down week for me this week. I’ve been struggling with being ghosted in a relationship and that’s not been any fun. I also am coming off a strong fibromyalgia flare from last week, which makes me a bit more tender and lacking energy than average. But despite all that, I’ve been growing closer with another wonderful person AND two special packages came for me this week!

I’m still rather shy about the contents of those packages. I purchased my first ever diapers. One disposable, and one that’s more training-pants style and cloth. They both came and I’m excited to share my thoughts about them in future posts.

home-mainI also started my sticker chart this week! I’m planning a post on that in the future as well, but this is giving me a GREAT place to use my Pipsticks stickers! Pipsticks is an AWESOME monthly subscription “box” (they actually come in a sparkly envelope) for stickers! If you’d like to sign up, you should use my referral link! It saves you money and me money. The stickers are soooo cute. And the sticker chart is helping me (hopefully) better manage my spending ‘cuz I get dollars as rewards for earning stickers.

bor·​bo·​ryg·​mus | \ˌbȯr-bə-ˈrig-məs
(noun) The rumbling noise in your stomach
“I forgot to eat breakfast, and my body let me know with quite the borborygmus!”

Fri-YAY! Holiday Wrap-up

It’s another Fri-YAY here on Little Spaces! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and continues to enjoy the end-of-the-year festivities as they are now winding down.

I had a lovely holiday! I got some really awesome gifts, including a series of young-adult books about a girl who pretends to be a boy so she can learn to be a knight. Santa even brought me SAILOR MERCURY’S WAND! It lights up and makes shimmer sounds. I love it.

Did you know Aquaman is my favorite superhero? He is! I have a major soft-spot for underdogs. And with the new movie featuring him out, I was excited to see a new figure of Aquaman for the reasonable price of $45 coming out January 9th! He’s so HANDSOME!


And if you’re into the Exploding Kittens card game at all, be excited! There’s two new releases for the game: one that expands your ability to play with up to TEN players, and a new add-on called “Streaking Kittens.”


I’ve also been really enjoying listening to music by Poppy lately! I’ve included one of my favorites of hers that makes me feel nice and small. (Be careful, though, not all of her music is appropriate for Littlespace!)

I almost forgot the WORD OF THE WEEK!
ef·fer·ves·cent | efərˈves(ə)nt
(adj) Giving off bubbles; fizzy
When I get into littlespace, sometimes I talk so much I’m practically effervescent!

Have a great weekend! Remember, this is your last chance to get your Winter Holiday Coloring Pages submitted for this week’s community activity!

First Fri-YAY!

In the first “real blog post” for the blog – we’re starting off with the Friday feature: “Fri-YAY!” These posts intend to be a mishmash of cute or fun things I’ve found over the course of the week. It’ll end with the Word of the Week – ‘cuz words are fun and awesome and I want my fellow Littles to learn!

The holiday season is upon us! And I remembered a really cute commercial about cats and Christmas trees from last year. Time for a re-watch!

Today’s Fri-YAY is EXTRA yay for me. It’s payday, which means I can finish getting holiday presents purchased! I swear I don’t mean to procrastinate this much.

pif·​fle | ˈpi-fəl
(noun) Trivial nonsense; silliness
“Launching rolled-up balls of wrapping paper at Senpai is my favorite sort of holiday piffle.”