Little Spaces is a blog focused on “little space.” This refers to a more innocent and childish mindset than is typically considered “adult.” People who identify as Littles vary widely, but share a common set of traits that center around enjoying things typically thought to be meant only for kids of different ages.

Little Spaces is a nonsexual blog. Many, but not all, individuals who identify as Littles are part of kink communities or specific power-exchange relationships in the BDSM community. Little Spaces acknowledges these relationship choices as completely valid, but chooses to focus on the nonsexual aspects of the self-identity.

Author of the blog, Cado aka Fritter, is biologically 29 and lives in Upstate New York. They are nonbinary, polyamorous, and have actively identified as a Little for several years now. They do not currently have a solid “caregiver.” Cado has multiple pets, loves video games, and is at their happiest when engaging in little space in some way or another.

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