First Fri-YAY!

In the first “real blog post” for the blog – we’re starting off with the Friday feature: “Fri-YAY!” These posts intend to be a mishmash of cute or fun things I’ve found over the course of the week. It’ll end with the Word of the Week – ‘cuz words are fun and awesome and I want my fellow Littles to learn!

The holiday season is upon us! And I remembered a really cute commercial about cats and Christmas trees from last year. Time for a re-watch!

Today’s Fri-YAY is EXTRA yay for me. It’s payday, which means I can finish getting holiday presents purchased! I swear I don’t mean to procrastinate this much.

pif·​fle | ˈpi-fəl
(noun) Trivial nonsense; silliness
“Launching rolled-up balls of wrapping paper at Senpai is my favorite sort of holiday piffle.”

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